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Viva la genfic!

HP Genfic 100
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What is hpgen100?

We are a community dedicated to writing 100-word drabbles about the Harry Potter universe which are "genfic" in nature, meaning they do not focus on romance or romantic relationship between characters. While relationships can be mentioned or included, they should not be the drabble’s focus.

Imperfect drabbles (up to 150 words) are allowed.

How do I join?

Anyone can join hpgen100. Just join the community, read the rules, and get writing! We’d love to have you around!

What do I do?

You write 100-word drabble(s) based on the week's prompt or challenge. There will be a new challenge posted every Monday, which will run for two weeks.

Every two months there will be a special "done in 100 minutes" challenge. You may create icons, ficlets, or Post Secrets for the challenge.

How do I post my drabbles?

In the heading of the post you should write the titles of all the drabbles included in that post. (Please include spaces between them, otherwise it makes people friends lists look all wonky!) In the post itself you should head every drabble with the following:

Word count:
Warning(s): (If applicable)
Author's notes: (If applicable)

When answering hpgen100-specific challenges, please post your drabble(s) in its entirety in this community.

You are welcome to crosspost your drabbles at the mirror IJ community.

Rules: Any drabbles rated R or NC-17 should be put behind a livejournal cut with only the title showing. Also, if you are posting more than two drabbles in one post you should put the additional drabbles behind a cut, again with only the title showing.

Please post using the LJ default font. If you must modify your font, please use a font that is readable (as opposed to tiny or extra-colorful and sparkly).

CAPSLOCK is only allowed in CAPSLOCK!Harry parodies. Use italics and bold tags instead for emphasis.

What if I want to write about two characters snogging/frolicking/relationshipping in a more than friends way?

There are many other lovely institutions which allow "shippy" drabbles, such as HP100, Weasley100, Malfoy100, etc. We’re just for Genfic. (Viva la genfic revolution!)

The mod reserves the right to delete trollings, wanks and any drabble entry that is "shippy" in nature.

(To be an affiliate, contact one of the mods in the latest mod post)
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Kudos where kudos are due:
To fernwithy for the idea.
To HP100 for the general premise and probably more borrowing from the rules than I realize.